Warning Label Explanation Speech On The Mirror

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Warning Label Explanation Speech
Man in the Mirror
With this speech I was able to conquer many factors such as letting my words coming out in a voice tone the way I intended it to be. I was able to deliver my main points just like I practiced. I was able to create an outline according to what I expected to deliver to my audience. However, once again I allowed my nervousness to get a little bit of my power and confidence. Because of my anxiety I did not create a true connection with my listeners (classmates). I recognize that I fail in keeping a good eye contact with my classmates. Also, I have to work better with the pausing between my sentences to emphasize my points more effectively. Additionally, I failed in explaining some details to make couple of my points more clear, but inside of me I feel proud of myself for such a nice beginning. Even though I have to relax a little more, trust more in myself, and set aside all the thoughts that interfere with my success during my presentation, I am excited about this experience.
The chapter 2 speaks about the first speech’s development. It gives important keys for creating a strong speech. One of the basics structure is creating a powerful outline that will provide me with the points that I need to deliver my presentation’s message effectively. Creating an effective outline is a fundamental key to keep my speech well organized. The best way to create an outline is starting with the body, for it is the “main course” of my dinner,

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