Warning : Toxic Hazard : The Thing That Makes The World Go Round

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Warning: Toxic Hazard Love: The thing that makes the world go round. It is supposedly a beautiful part of life, but from the eyes of an innocent teenage girl: love was ugly. And yes, as cliché as it is, Summer of 2013, my life had changed forever. Brandon Alec Sotelo, the older boy, the tall, dark and handsome boy, the bad boy that every girl wanted; turned my world upside down. Him being the first boy that ever seemed to show interest in fifteen-year-old me (with bad style and a modest personality) made me question why any guy like him would want to talk to a shy, and awkward little girl like me. Was I more outgoing and more funny than I had thought? Was I that cool or that beautiful that he felt the need to stop me and get my number? Why me? He made me feel special and wanted, a feeling I had never attained before. I only dreamed of having a boy look at me the way he did, and wanting to spend every second with me. Star struck as I was, we texted for weeks over the summer, so much as to that my friends and mom would question why I was always on my phone and what was causing the occasional giggling whenever I was on it. He wanted to meet me in real life and kiss me! Who would want to kiss me? I had hardly looked in a boy’s direction, let alone hung out with one and then go as far as a peck on the lips! I was terrified, we would set a date and as the big day came I would make an excuse “My family and I are doing something that day.”, “I am so sorry, something came up!” I
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