Warrant Draft Essay

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IN THE DISTRICT COURT FOR CHESAPEAKE COUNTY, MD APPLICATION AND AFFIDAVIT FOR SEARCH AND SEIZURE WARRANT I, Officer Steve Jones, of the Metropolis Police Department, the Affiant, being duly sworn, request the issuance of a Search and Seizure Warrant and states as follows: 1. APPLICATION AND VIOLATIONS OF LAW: The Affiant hereby makes application to Judge Barry Moredock, a judge of the Circuit/District Court for Chesapeake County, MD for a Search and Seizure Warrant on the grounds that there is probable cause, the basis of which is set forth in the following affidavit which is attached hereto and made a part hereof, to believe that there is…show more content…
James Fox lived in a house at 120 Verlinden Drive and is growing marijuana in the basement, at least 400 plants. An informant stated he saw James Fox and another man carry a carbon dioxide tank and other equipment into the house at 120 Verlinden Dr. and “dragged” two laundry bags from the home to a 1990 Chevrolet Malibu parked on the street in front of the said house. Informant stated that he attempted to buy marijuana from the James Fox. Upon entering the home of James Fox, the informant claimed to smell the odor of marijuana. The informant also claimed that James Fox “bragged” that he had unlimited supply of marijuana. 4. PROBABLE CAUSE (FACTUAL BASIS): The facts that establish probable cause for the issuance of a Search and Seizure Warrant are as follows: On 21 September, Officer Jones obtained the electric bills of the home located at 120 Verlinden Dr. lived in by James Fox. As verified by the electric company’s manager, Joe Thornton, the average kilowatt usage for the residence was more than three times the normal usage. Officer Jones went to the residence and while standing on the street, looking through binoculars, saw very bright glowing lights and the top of marijuana plants. 5. JUSTIFICATION FOR THE PLACE TO BE SEARCHED AND ITEMS TO BE SEIZED: MD. CODE ANN. §5-607(a) In possession of more than 50 lbs. of
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