Warrantless Surveillance Research Paper

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With new advances in the world of technology, the government has been rapidly leaning towards the use of warrantless surveillance. The real question is: how close is our society to that of Big Brother and 1984? In my opinion, our society is very close. Phone carriers have been revealing personal information to police without warrants, social media companies are now starting to collect and reveal data, and police departments are installing even more cameras over the county of Long Beach. As society pays no attention, the government is progressing to the potential of a totalitarian while violating the 4th amendment. Everyone who owns a smartphone is being tracked, plain and simple. Conversations, web sites recently visited, web cookies, call data, it is all swept up by government surveillance. As mentioned in the article “That’s No Phone. That’s My Tracker,” cellphone carriers responded over a million times to law enforcements for call data requests, and it is later stated in the article that “Many police agencies don’t obtain search warrants when requesting location data from carriers.”(Maass and…show more content…
A recent emphasis has been placed on the new version of Snapchat, a social media network that allows people to communicate by sending a ten-second picture or video to any of your friends that you have added to your account. According to this application’s new terms of services, Snapchat now has the right to use “any and all account-holders names, likeness, and voices in any and all media and distribution channels for any reason,” and may “review, screen, or delete any ones content they have sent or received through the application. Most people, especially teenagers who commonly use social media, do not pay attention to these terms and services and are granting rights to websites to basically track their
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