Warren Bennis Once Said “Leadership Is The Capacity To

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Warren Bennis once said “leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”. Throughout my fourteen year military career I have been shown many good and bad examples of how a leader should act to turn their visions into reality. It is from these very leaders that I too have learned to become a leader myself and it has helped me further my career. It however took time and experience for my leadership skills to develop. Throughout this paper I will show how my military experiences has taught me to become a good leader. I was born from immigrant parents and my main goal in life was to be part of the greatest army in the world and I always had the mindset that nothing was going to stop me from achieving that. Back in 2003 I was…show more content…
Throughout this first deployment I learned from observing good leaders, bad leaders, and toxic leaders. All of them whether good or bad helped shape my career. These leaders helped me to see a bigger picture of who I wanted to become and and also how I didn 't want to lead. On our return home from deployment we were treated like heroes. People at the airport cheered for us and expressed their gratitude for our service and sacrifice for our country. In those moments I felt a great sense of accomplishment that almost made it all worth wile. And it made me also want to become better leader so I could go out there and do it again for my country. After being back home for seven months we received news that we were going right back to Iraq. This time with a new wheeled fighting platform “strikers”, to which I was more than happy to raise my hand and ask Uncle Sam to put me in for five more years. Throughout this deployment I noticed some progress compared to the last deployment to Iraq. Although, the Improvised Explosive Device (IED), small arms fire, and the mortar attacks remain unchanged. My unit was stationed in a camp named Camp Taji where we ran operations for that whole surrounding region. Remember the sarcastic Airborne Instructor Sargent First Class at the time that told me I can yell airborne every time I jump out of the bus? I heard his familiar, thick accent
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