Warren Truss Bridge Essay

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I decided to make a warren truss bridge for this project (Wikipedia, 2015). This type of bridge uses equilateral triangles to help bare tension or compression forces that the bridge may undergo (Mudaliar, 2015). I picked this design because it is a popular bridge design and it will have a smaller mass then some other bridge designs. This design has the potential to be very efficient in the amount of weight it can hold because of it being lighter than other designs. The one problem you have to solve is how to spread out the force being applied to the one location. This is because in a warren truss bridge you want to try to spread out the forces across the entire bridge rather than a localized point to minimize the forces on each of the segments (Boon, 2011). When the mass is in a localized point all of the forces are larger than they are when the mass is spread out equally (Cridlebaugh, 2008). Using this information I designed the top of my bridge to try…show more content…
The first change was that the piece at the base of the bridge located on either side was moved from the inside to the outside on the bottom of the bridge. I changed this because it was easier to glue the two sides of the bridge together if it was on the bottom. This change didn’t drastically change the bridge but it did make the bridge closer to the 2cm block it had to be under at the starting point. The second change that I added the braces to the wood pieces that made up the triangles. This helped my bridge because it made it easier to keep the pieces of the bridges together. It also made the construction process cleaner and easier so I would be able to execute the rest of the design with more success. The third and final change I made to my design was that I removed the piece of wood that was connected to the top of the bridge and the braces. I made this change because I thought that the help it would provide to the bridge would not be worth the added
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