Warrior, King, Friend, And Enemy : The Trojan War

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Andrew Nini Professor Ranaldi Troy and the Trojan War 11/15/2014 Warrior, King, Friend, and Enemy: The Trojan War Achilles is a great warrior and son of the god Thetys, but how does he become branded with this title? We learn the basis of this great warrior’s life from the Iliad by Homer. The story begins nine years after the initial fighting of the Trojan War. The Achaeans attack an allied town of troy named Chryse which during this attack the Achaeans decide to take two very attractive women Chryseis and Briseis, to keep Agamemnon the leader. He decides to take Chryseis as his own personal present form the battle and gives Briseis to the great warrior Achilles. However not much after the attack the father of Chryseis, Chryses priest of the god Apollo offers a ransom to Agamemnon. “Agamemnon mocked his entreaties and refused to release the girl” (Achilles). Upon Agamemnon’s refusal Chryses prays to the God Apollo to plague the Achaeans. “Enraged, Apollo punished the Greek armies by sending a plague to kill the soldiers one by one” (Achilles). Agamemnon consults prophets and determines the cause of the deaths. He learns that this is all because of Chryeis and him not returning her to her father, so he decides to give in and give her back. Due to him giving her back Agamemnon demands that Achilles gives up Briseis to him. Achilles is in raged about this demand and takes it as a heavy insult. He continues to go back to his troops and refuse to fight in the war. He then

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