Warriors Don T Cry Character Analysis

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In the book, Warriors Don’t Cry by Melba Patillo Beals, all of the character present were true warriors at heart. Between the students that attended Central High School and the family members that had to go through the struggle of being hated in their own town, they did not give up. I believe that I am most like Melba because I never give up, I have had similar events happen to me in my own school, and I have a family that is just as supportive as hers. One thing that makes me the most like Melba is that fact that I never give up. Melba went through very hard times during her years at Central High School. She wanted to give up several times to the point of her not wanting to be on earth anymore. Melba never gave up, she made it through the…show more content…
With people being rude to Melba and the others attending Central High School I felt very connected to that part. When I was in second grade, I didn’t have a lot of friends and I relate to Melba’s feelings because I felt very alone. I of course didn’t have to go through extreme pain like Melba and the others did. Just last year I also struggled with people and I felt just how Melba felt again. It is one of the worst feelings in the world to be hurt like that. The last thing I have in common with Melba is my family is just as supportive as her family. I know for a fact that if I were to change schools to make the country a better place, my family would have my back the whole entire time. At the beginning, Melba’s family was skeptical about her going to this new school. They feared for her safety and her school career. My family would be the same way. Towards the middle of the book, Mother Lois was getting very frustrated with Melba going to a school full of people that hated her. My mother would’ve been the same way. In the end, her family did not regret their decision in sending Melba to Central High School. In conclusion, I am most similar to Melba because I never give up, I had similar feelings like Melba’s at one point, and my family is just as supportive as her family. This book has taught me a lot and I enjoyed it as well. It is crazy how similar I was to the character Melba and her
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