Warriors Don't Cry by Melba Patillo Beals

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We find out that Melba was born on December, 7 1941 which is quite odd because that date is when the attack on Pearl Harbor happened. Melba has grown up her entire life having to go through segregation and it is just about to get worse.
Chapter 2 In this chapter the Brown vs. Board court case gets introduced and talked about. This was not good news for the many African Americans because this sparked a lot of anger in white racists. When Melba was walking home she was actually attacked by a white guy. She got away before she could be raped which is very good of course. Chapter two ends with the family going to Cincinnati to see family.
Chapter 3 This is the chapter. Melba gets to go to Central High. During this chapter Melba hangs out with her friends Thelma, Minnejean, Carlotta, and Gloria. She also has a picnic at her aunt’s house during Labor Day. She gets told late at night to wait until going to Central High. She writes that the people will probably not like her. The chapter comes to a stop with Melba going to Central High.
Chapter 4 Melba is going to Central High for the first time in this chapter. When Elizabeth tried going to Central High she got denied. When Melba gets there, there are mobs ready to just rip at her for being black. Police and soldiers have to get involved. Melba was told not to go outside and her grandma would assist her on the night…

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