Wars And Conflicts Of The 20th Century Essay

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Wars and conflicts have been happening around the world since the dawn of human kind. Wars happen due to the nature of political societies and human kind’s willingness to kill. Without the will to kill, there would be no war. In this essay I will be looking into the wars and conflicts that occurred in the 20th century and why it was an event or a series of events that occurred in the first place. The 20th century saw mass killings, genocide and extreme violence, not only in the European countries (in reference to Nazi Germany) but all throughout the world as well. This essay focuses on why there was so much bloodshed in the 20th century and the purpose of these events occurred the way it did and whether it was necessary, justified or could have been prevented. The First World War. According to A.J.P Taylor’s book, The First World War, the First World War was deemed as “senseless” and that the generals and the leaders of the countries were all overwhelmed and no one even knew what the war was about, just that Germany were fighting for the sake of fighting and the Allies fought to not lose. However, many historians argue that this is not the case and that The First World War, was indeed a necessary evil. The First World War was triggered due to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in the hands of Gavrilo Princip, a Yugoslav nationalist. Austro-Hungarians did not take this lightly and evoked all alliances formed decades ago and declared war on Serbia. According
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