Wars Changes Things, And Big Wars Change Things A Lot

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Andrew Adair
Mr. Ruane
American History
7 April 2016
The 1920s

“Wars change things, and big wars change things a lot.” That statement became all to true for our society in America. The 1920s was the first modern break through from the olden times before the war, to the new modern times that we still see in effect today. Let us first dive into and examine the reasons how the so-called “roaring twenties” came to be. It began with many events leading up to the decade; one of them was the ending of World War 1. On November 11 1918, Germany and the other central powers signed a truce to put an end to the 4-year war. Americans everywhere were celebrating the victory and the future looked bright for the people of this country, as for there was a new sense of peace and hope that spread throughout its cities and towns. On January 16th 1919, the eighteenth amendment passed prohibiting the sale of alcohol in all states, which would cause a much bigger set of problems down the road. Following the war, it was a difficult transition back to peacetime for the American people. The panic of communism, socialism and anarchists reaching to the United States or otherwise known as the “Red Scare” put fear into many Americans eyes. It was mainly about worker socialist movement and political radicalism. Many labor unions split companies with its employees. Some of these strikes, like the Seattle strike, had a chain reaction that affected hundreds of thousands of people, all of these disagreements…

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