Wars throughout Time

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Sometime during the course of World War II, the United States became the most powerful nation in the world. During the last two hundred or so years, the United States has fought ten major wars and innumerable smaller military actions. For the most part it has been successful, in some instances defeating some of the world’s most powerful countries. In other instances it has simply been lucky. A common threat throughout the nation’s existence has been the practice of indifference and neglect. Between wars the Army shrinks to a very small size. Funds and attention almost disappear. This policy of the US Army may well indeed danger the nation’s safety in the future Military strength includes not only the Army, but sea and air power as well…show more content…
The lesson of maintaining a professional army repeated itself: trained professional officers and troops are crucial. They can’t be created overnight from militia. These observations were repeated on the Indian frontiers and the Gulf of Mexico. Sadly, the British attacked Baltimore and burned Washington D.C. Huge numbers of militia embarrassed themselves fighting against this invasion. The regular regiments were expanded, but training and organization took time. Leadership in Washington and on the field left a lot to be desired. Even though 286,000 men served at one time or another during the war, their overall record was poor. A peace settlement ended the war with no clear winner. (Almanac 209)      Once again, as soon as the war ended the country abandoned the Army. For the next thirty years or so it never numbered more than a few thousand men. But very importantly, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point was started in 1802. A small corp. of officers was able to accumulate. Because of the lack of trust in the military, funds and actions were limited. The Army was just big enough to provide engineers for seacoast forts and to fight Indians. The public’s opinion all of a sudden reversed itself. Constant expansion, especially in Texas, led to war with Mexico in 1845. Now the Army was popular as it led regular and State/militia troops outside the country. About 79,000 men served in the war,
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