Warsaw Common Council Essay

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A common council is a group of resident elected government officials that represent a city in specifics of the expansion and well-being of the city. The common council sits under the city council and the mayor, but is the voice of the people. A lot of times, in common council meetings, residents will attend and ask questions about what is happening in their city, and they will sometimes make requests about tasks they want done in their city. The Warsaw Common Council is just that. The Warsaw Common Council (WCC) is made up of seven, resident elected government officials that exist to make Warsaw what the people want. There are currently seven elected officials to the WCC. The first two, are “at large” members; Elaine Call and Cindy Dobbins. Call is a lifetime resident of Warsaw and served in public service as Warsaw’s Clerk-Treasurer for 26 years. She currently works in the Wayne Township Trustee’s office. Dobbins is the director of the Warsaw Community Development Corporation (WCDC) and owns the Buffalo Street Emporium in downtown Warsaw. The WCC is then broken into five districts. The council member for District One is Jeff Grose. A lifetime resident of Warsaw, Jeff Grose teaches social studies and coaches boys' basketball at Warsaw Community High School. He…show more content…
Of course, during meetings, many questions are sure to arise about the same factors. Most people want know what will be done on roadway conditions, what will be done about the cleaning of the parks, etc. One of the biggest, and very surprising, issues brought up recently by the Common Council is a chicken ordinance for Warsaw. In a unanimous vote, the Warsaw Planning Commission has given their approval to allow chickens within the city limits. However, the Council voted “no” on the ordinance that, if passed, would have allowed a select number of residents to raise and maintain chickens on their property inside the city
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