Wart's Journey Into The Wild

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Wart was walking around a and had one thing on his mind, getting food. Wart was so hungry he could eat a horse. He was looking for somewhere to eat when he suddenly saw a huge knight. The knight was around six feet and three inches. He was about thirteen feet tall on the horse. Wart ran up to him and just stared astonished. “ Have you seen a golden key? It is about two inches long and half a inch wide.” asked the Knight. Wart just stared at him not knowing that his face was turning bright red because of excitement. He looked like he was ready to pass out, but then snapped out of it. “ What did you say?” Wart asked. The knight trotted away mad at Wart. Merlyn had saw Wart and decided to go talk to him. When they were talking Wart had asked,” How does it feel to be so high in the air?” Merlyn did not know how to answer this question so instead he asked, “ Do you want to be a Mallard? They can fly up to twenty one thousand feet in the air.” Wart was surprised that they could fly that high. It sort of scared him actually. Wart wasn’t sure he wanted to. “No thanks.” Wart Mumbled.…show more content…
He was thinking about what Mallard eat which in a way grossed him out, but at that point of time Wart was so hungry so he could eat a worm or even insect sounded delicious. He also thought about being free and how easy Mallard’s lives are. Wart realized that being a Mallard didn’t mean he had to fly twenty one thousand feet in the air. The more he thought about it the more Wart wanted to become a Mallard. Wart sped up and cut in front of Merlyn and asked,” can you turn me into a Mallard please. I was scared before, but I realized how easy their lives are and how fun it must
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