Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?

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Was America Founded as a Christian Nation? Was America founded as a Christian nation? This question to me is very ambiguous. I say this because there you can question exactly how you define specific words or phrases in the context of the question. One that sticks out to me is what they mean by “founded as”. I myself take this as “was it founded as a nation the was meant only to support Christianity”. To this I would have to disagree with what I have gathered from discussion and reading from Fea's book. America, while having founding fathers with Christian backgrounds, was not founded upon the principles of that Christian background. The reason I say this is because the sole reason why the nation was founded was so our founding father could be diverse and practice their own religion. The First Amendment declares the right of American citizens to practice freedom of religion. This free practice of beliefs supports the argument that self identity through religious exploration was encouraged. That itself would defy rules or laws that would be set in a nation founded around Christian principles. The American population had become very diverse by the time America became founded. However, a large amount of the population of the New England colonies had an Anglican background connected to the Catholic church which held a large amount of power in Europe. Intellectuals who explored the possibilities outside the explanations of the church used to be punished by law of the church in
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