Was America 's Involvement Of The Vietnam War Justified?

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Was America 's Involvement of the Vietnam War Justified? Maddie Bove Mrs. Cronin Honors Modern World History: Period 1 25 April 2016 According to a survey of published by CNN of 2,108 American in May 2014, about 41% of the population believe that the United States has no authority to intervene in other countries ' internal conflicts. On the other hand, the rest of Americans deem foreign policy issues, such as imperializing, military intervention, and evangelizing, to be necessary and imperative to America and the rest of the world (para. Miller, "How do Americans Feel About U.S. Involvement in Foreign Crises"). Even today, there are numerous debates regarding whether the U.S. has a duty to interfere in other nation 's businesses and enforce military intervention. The Vietnam War (1955-1975), one of the most widely debated examples of America 's military intervention in a foreign nation, is considered one of the bloodiest and longest wars fought in the United States ' history. Also called the Second Indochina War, the Vietnam War was primarily fought in South Vietnam territory between the South Vietnam government and communist North Vietnam or Vietcong. The war that lasted twenty years continues to spark major discussions concerning whether or not the United States had valid reasons for entering the war. The U.S. was justified in entering the Vietnam War because it was an attempt to prevent the spread of communism; the United States was following a moral

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