Was Augustus Caesar A Good Leader?

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Was Augustus Caesar a Good Leader?
To answer the question of whether or not Augustus was a good leader, his character and actions must be looked at over the sum of his life. The leadership traits of respect, generosity, fairness, compassion, fearlessness, humility, sensitivity, and innovation appear in The Annals, Lives of the Twelve Caesars, The Deeds of The Divine Augustus and the class textbook. Augustus demonstrated all of these attributes during his 51-year reign as emperor from 63 BCE to 14 CE. However, he was not without fault as he also conducted himself in a less than worthy manner at times. Augustus was not a perfect leader but he matured into a man who was respected and obeyed during life and is still studied almost 2000 years after his death.
Augustus Caesar demonstrated military leadership skills, both in battle and in non-war related military matters. In The
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The image of the statue, Augustus of Prima Porta, portrays Augustus as a strong military leader. His elaborate military uniform, including a very ornate breastplate, conveys both power and strength. His manly stance shows a decisive self-confidence. The painting titled Octavius Caesar (Later the Emperor Augustus), and Cleopatra portrays Augustus in a position of dominance, standing over Cleopatra. He wears a laurel wreath on his head, signifying victory. Cleopatra, a strong ruler in her own right, is kneeling submissively.
While Augustus, in both images, emanates leadership qualities like self-confidence, power and dominance, art can be misleading propaganda. It is difficult to reach a conclusion, in either image, as to whether he was a moral leader. Augustus was effective as the conqueror of Egypt depicted in the
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