Was Beowulf Justified

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The story of the amazing Beowulf is a great one indeed! It is filled with great adventures, murder, tragedy, heroism, and more. Now let me take you on an adventure of the life of the glorified, quest seeking, and strong Beowulf. Beowulf is glorified in the story by all the Geats. All the stories that they tell are of a might and glorious man who has killed giants, slayed sea beasts, and took on death. They put Beowulf on a pedestal and made him seem high and mighty. The Geats made Beowulf a hero because no matter where they were, the Geats would be telling stories of the great Beowulf. In the same sense Beowulf was a man who was always in search for a new quest. Beowulf would challenge the fiercest of opponents just to prove his strength
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