Was Henry Vii an Innovator? Essay

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‘Was Henry VII an Innovator?

Henry VII born on the 28th of January of 1457 and died on the 21st of April of 1509 was the first of five Tudor kings and queens that ruled England for around 120 years, quite short for that time, but they become one of the most famous dynasties of Europe’s history.
Henry VII took the throne after a battle against the former king Richard III whose forces outnumbered Henrys by two to one. Henry VII had a couple of big problems, one of them was that there were people that had a stronger claim to the throne than he did, his only claim was that god let him win the battle, therefore the nobility didn’t respect him at the beginning of his reign. Another of the problems he faced was the fact that he feared a lot
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Another of the things Henry changed in order to increase the countries income was recognizances. Recognizances were a source of income that, quoting on the photocopy, “…which Henry developed to a fine art.” They were a tool used by Henry so all the nobles obeyed the law. If a noblemen or noblewomen did something that offended the king or if they had a public misconduct they would be forced to pay a fine, or also called recognizance which was an definite amount of money. It was all controlled by the Council Learned, which also took care of the kings debts. Henry was also lucky to have a small family to give money to, unlike Edward, who gave great amounts of money to his family. With all this explained above, “At the end of the century, revenue from royal estates was in excess of £100,000 a year”. This quota was found on a website that mainly talks about henry and his money. Its value is that it s a fact that happened during the reign of Henry VII. Its purpose is to show how Henry increased the income of the crown and its limitation, is that it’s a secondary source so we don’t know how accurate it is. Most of the money he made, though, was thanks to the recognizances, so to the nobles. Some of the nobles didn’t necessarily like him for many reasons, that was one of them.
Just after Henry VII came to power, he called all the lords that helped him win the battle against Richard III to the tower of London, where he lived. The
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