Was Henry Viii Catholic or Protestant

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Henry the VIII was the second English Tudor king, after his father, Henry VII. He reigned over England from, 21st April 1509 until, 28th January 1547. During his childhood and his first marriage, Henry was a firm believer of the Catholic Church and of the Pope. However things changed and later in Henrys reign the English reformation came to England; the monasteries were closed and Henry separated himself from the Roman Catholic Church. Henry was definitely starting to look more and more like a protestant. There are many points that we can use to decipher whether or not Henry VIII was really Catholic or Protestant and in this essay these points will be discussed to draw a conclusion. Henry VIII was brought up and taught as a Roman …show more content…
We can see that Henry also went with protestant beliefs, which shows that maybe he wasn’t just making a new church to get what he wanted. However one peculiar thing is that the Church of England still had transubstantiation, a major Catholic belief and one that Protestants disagreed with. This gives us the impression that Henry was torn between the two faiths. Henry’s actions show him up as a definite protestant, yet the hints that he was once Catholic definitely show. Some people may see Henry calling the act of supremacy as a bit power crazed and greedy. The Act of Supremacy was an act of parliament which allowed king Henry to declare that he was 'the only supreme head on earth of the Church in England' and that the English crown shall enjoy "all honours, dignities, preeminence’s, jurisdictions, privileges, authorities, immunities, profits, and commodities." This shows that there was always the threat of even Henry’s new church under the threat of corruption from himself. Henry would constantly be tempted with, money and power being the head of his church. Henry took a big step against the Catholic Church when he began the, “Dissolution of the Monasteries” in 1538. Henry had sent inspectors to watch the behavior of the monks and if the monasteries were being run as Henry wanted. Henry discovered that doing the complete opposite of what he wanted or

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