Was Hopsin Wrong

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Was Hopsin in the Wrong? Former member of the label group know as Funk Volume, Marcus Hopson, or Hopsin for short, had a falling out with the Funk Volume group. There is a lot of speculation over if why he left was justifiable or if he made the right decision. I just want to say that he did the right thing. Hopsin and his co creator Damien Ritter helped found the record label. After a falling out with his previous record label. Hopsin’s previous label was Ruthless Records. It was created by the rapper Eric Wright, or Eazy-e, and after his death it was taken on by his wife Monica Wright. After leaving both groups hopsin has by himself created the new label Undercover Prodigy. So Hopsin has seen quite a few changes. Starting in 2003 Hopsin had joined with Ruthless Records. And he stayed with them until 2009. Through those years…show more content…
Which were all very successful. But in the end, Hopsin and Ritter did not gel along. Hopsin said Ritter took more money than he deserved, and would not answer any financial questions. Hopsin had said that he didn't feel comfortable with the fact that Ritter wouldn't talk about money, and that he was being very stingey with the company's money. Cutting everyone's checks, not supplying enough for rode tours, etc. So finally hopsin had decided enough was enough. And decided to leave, and make another label group. This one as a lone wolf. Hopsin is a very talented business man. Creating funk volume with Ritter from the ground up gave him plenty of experience. And his Undercover Prodigy is doing well. So I'm going to ask you to put yourself into Hopsin's shoes. If you were a co-leader of a business, and your partner was being very secretive about the money, and was keeping more for himself than everyone. What would you do? I know I would do the same as Hopsin. I would leave, and start anew. So yes, Hopsin did make the right
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