Was It Necessary For The Berlin Wall To Be Built?. Elise

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Was it necessary for the Berlin Wall to be built?
Elise Coby
HIS-200 Modern World History
Period E
Mr. Hendershot

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The Berlin Wall was a barrier between East and West Germany that lasted from 1961 to 1989. The purpose of the Wall was to keep people who were not communists (fascists) from entering East Germany. This divide created many impacts on people, the economy, and even impacted human world history. It was not necessary for the Berlin Wall to be built.
On November 9, 1989 the Berlin wall was built. The wall was ordered to be built by East Germany’s communist leader, Walter Ulbricht to stop
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Many citizens of East Germany decided to leave to go to West Germany for a better life. In result, the East German government had tried to stop that crossover with the building of the wall. For awhile, Berlin was always a place that East Germans could go to. Three million people had relocated by the time of 1961. Because of so many people leaving, this was a rather large setback for West Germany and for the communist system. Of the three million people, there were many qualified and experienced workers that were a very devastating loss to East Germany’s economy. The amount of people who relocated to the West was approximately one-sixth of East Germany. Even after the wall had been built, people from East Germany had still attempted to crossover to get to the Western side.
The Berlin wall created many devastating impacts both politically and physically. The wall had separated many families from each other for up to twenty-eight years. Citizens of East Germany were cut off entirely from their jobs along with all communication with business from the West side. In the span of twenty-eight years of the wall being up, two-hundred people had lost their lives. Most of the deaths occurred in the “death strip” which was ground between East and West Germany. The death strip included a wide range of nail beds, vehicle blockades, blinding floodlights, concrete, and placed sand so that soldiers could
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