Was Johnnie Walker’s 'Keep Walking' Campaign Effective? Essay

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• How effective was the advertising? Remember to supply evidence – and beware of making sweeping claims without supporting data: just because you liked an ad does not mean it was effective! Always consider other factors. • What – if any - general conclusions can be drawn from the example you have studied? You should consider the wider implications of the campaign – social, cultural and otherwise. Relate your case study to what we have looked at during the module. Was Johnnie Walker’s 'Keep walking' campaign effective? We live in a word shaped by a constant race for popularity and recognition between companies, where the ability to play with the hearts and minds of people is on the pole position. As Elen Lewisnoted, ‘You know a…show more content…
The agency brought at the heart of the strategy the idea that men do not necessarily associated success with ‘material wealth or ostentatious display of status’ On the contrary, the global research produced by BBH reflects that men around the world regard success nowadays as a long process of personal change and development. Consequently, ‘Keep Walking’ campaign centres on the concept of progress, and represents the ‘added value’ on the grounds that it turns a product into a brand. As Martin Davison states, ‘Brands are products with something extra’, therefore ‘all brands are products, not all products are brands’ Johnnie Walker was facing a clear problem. Playing in a market where brand preference is essential, what Johnnie Walker lacked, was meaning. In other words, it required an exclusive voice. The decline was produced by disintegrated communications, with local markets delivering irrelevant campaigns reaching throughout the world. As a result, Johnnie Walker had grown to be a ‘disparate collection of products’. This is why, the aim was to turn Johnnie Walker into not only a distinct and powerful brand, but a global icon through an effective campaign. Even though the problem of effectiveness is highly debated within the advertising industry and most of the people are uncertain about the a direct correlation between advertising and buying behaviour,

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