Was Mahatma Gandhi Justified Analysis

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The Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi: Was It Justified? On January 31, 1948, Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by Nathuram Godse which was one of the most tragic events that occurred in India. On the day of Gandhi’s death, he was running late to prayer which was strangely unusual to many people. Godse said a couple words to Gandhi before shooting him 3 times in the chest with a gun. Gandhi’s assassination was not justified because it (his death) was mourned worldwide by many followers and citizens, the government is still having issues to this day from his case and his death changed the hearts of many people entirely. Some people may think war is easier to approach or Gandhi’s political and religious views might not have been agreeable, but taking someone’s life, someone who had inspired millions, is very difficult to justify. People all around the world was heartbroken from the fact that a precious idol has been murdered by someone so heartless. “ Then i heard 4 small, dull, dark explosions… I remember that he grew pale in an instant.’ Not the Mahatma!’ Then i knew” (eyewitnesstohistory.com, paragraph 7). This proves that his death had shattered so many people when they heard of his death or knew of it. Another example from the text states,” Inside my own head there occurred a wave like disturbance which I can only compare to a storm at sea-wind and wave surging tremendously back and forth.” (paragraph 8) This also proves that people on the site of the assassination were immediately going through so many mixed emotions that they felt sick to their stomachs. Assassinatinating a bright figure like Gandhi had so many people in shock and despair. It was uncomparable how much they were feeling. The government to this day have issues about his death case; they are so unsure whether they should open it once more or leave it be. In the text it states,” Today, 68 years after that event a petition in supreme court claims that the identity of Apte remains mired in doubt and seeks reopening of the investigation into Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination.” ( NDTV. com, paragraph 2) This shows that even today, the government ( or supreme court) are indecisive in whether the case should be opened again. “...raised
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