Was Oliver Cromwell a Hero or Villain?

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Was Oliver Cromwell a Hero or a Villain?

There are many interpretations of Oliver Cromwell as he lived in the 17th century, he was seen differently at that time than he is seen today. There are different interpretations because historians might have been biased because they were on one side at that time and unbiased now. Another reason could be that people at that time knew more about him then people do now. However, religion and nationality changed people’s minds too.
Oliver Cromwell could be seen as a hero because he created a stronger army for England which gave them a more effective fighting force. He said that he didn’t want power to himself which can be seen as a good thing. He also bought peace to England as he ended the English
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Someone who slaughtered for what we may know were innocent people, without making sure that they did any wrong, is too much of a villain to
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