Was Petit 's Behavior, Unprofessional, And Immoral

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Was Petit 's behavior "unprofessional"? Was it "immoral"? Discuss the similarities and differences of the words in quotes? I find Petit’s behavior in general to be neither unprofessional, nor immoral. According to the dictionary, unprofessional means, “lacking or showing a lack of expert skill” (Merriam-Webster.com) and immoral means, “not moral; broadly: conflicting with generally or traditionally held moral principles” (Merriam-Webster.com). These words are used interchangeably in the case, but they do not mean the same thing. The school board argued that being of moral character was an expectation of Petit’s job. They dismissed her regardless of the fact that she didn’t do anything wrong or show immoral character during work hours. Petit engaged in sexual acts in her personal life outside of her job in a private area. These sexual acts were performed with consent from all parties, and they were all of legal age. The only way it would have been immoral is if it wasn’t consensual, they were underage, or she was doing so without the approval of her husband whom she was married to. I don’t think she was being unprofessional either, as her personal life had nothing to do with her job. What lack of skill is her activity displaying? The only somewhat unprofessional thing I can argue for is perhaps her appearance on the program about unconventional sexual activities, as someone might recognize her and it might reflect badly on the school and would show a lack of discretion.…
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