Was Santiago Innocent?

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WAS SANTIAGO NASAR INNOCENT? In the novel, ‘Chronicle of a Death Foretold’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Santiago never really learns of the motive behind his murder. We are given a very bias view of the reason that he was murdered for. The only evidence against him was Angela’s word. There was no real proof that he was the one who had taken Angela’s virginity. Santiago might have had a very “shit” (Marquez, 8) character, but Marquez subtly lets the reader see the other side of the coin where Santiago may have just been a mere victim of suspicion. This book is left very open ended for the readers to interpret the truth. Sometimes everything we…show more content…
“They’d gone three nights without sleeping” (Marquez, 79) this shows that when they began to fall asleep they would think about their crime an the murder scene of Santiago would keep replaying in their minds. This shows that they knew they had committed an iniquitous deed. They probably knew he was innocent but needed to murder him in order to save the honour of their family. The murder of Santiago was a pill that kept them insomniac for life. Pedro even feared that “he wouldn’t sleep again for the rest of his life,” (Marquez, 80) Pedro began to have urine problems and he hadn’t slept in eleven months. The murder of Santiago had been publicised in even nook and corner of their town by the Vicario twins. If they actually wanted to murder Santiago they wouldn’t have told everyone about it. It can be said that there was another motive behind publicising the murder. “Twenty two people had heard everything said........ that the only reason they had said it was for someone to hear them.” (Marquez, 51) this quote divulges that they announced the murder around town in order for people to prevent them from murdering Santiago. Being Angela’s brothers it was their duty to hurt Santiago. But they wanted to be stopped as they probably knew that he wasn’t peccant and that he did not deserve to die. It shows that from within they didn’t even want to kill him. Pablo claimed that Pedro told him to go by himself to kill Santiago as he wasn’t in the
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