Was The Boston Massacre A Massacre

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On March 5, 1770, indignant Boston colonists assembled on King Street, rocketing snowballs and launching stones at the British soldiers stationed in the English city. The rebels heckled the troops, threatening them with weapons and ominous declarations, inducing defensive military action by the British, leading to the deaths of five colonial rebels…Let’s try that again.
On March 5, 1770, passionate Boston colonists gathered on King Street to discuss the inequitable, prejudiced taxes enacted by their tyrannical mother country. The British soldiers embarked on a fervid rampage, terrorizing the colonial people with hostile words and menacing attacks. The altercation ended with innocent colonists splattered on the icy ground, the pure snow now stained with burgundy blood, their frosty bodies pierced with lethal bullets, their brisk breaths reduced to clouds of death… Much better.
If you were educated in the United States of America, you know the Boston Massacre as the slaughtering of innocent Patriots fighting for liberty, for justice, for freedom. Yet if you are British, the Boston Massacre is an irrelevant event in your Civil War. The victors dictate history, therefore, perspective is skewed and history is fabricated. Because of historical inaccuracy, you were probably unaware that the Boston Massacre was not a massacre at all; it became a “massacre” through propaganda, specifically, Paul Revere’s engraving, The Bloody Massacre Perpetrated in King Street and colonial
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