Was The French Revolution Inevitable

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France, for the last centuries, had always been a powerful and prosperous country. Social division existed always existed, and serious problems arose as the ideas of Enlightenment and ideals of revolutions became widespread. Division between three estates became broader and more unacceptable, the wealthiest seize their income from the pockets of the poorest, and the upper classes exercise exploitation on the commoners without any respect. By the sequence of events, the French Revolution was inevitable. It is the cumulative of all the problems in France and it erupted into a huge Revolution. France both gained and have many losses throughout the years. French Revolution was ultimately successful and it did reconstruct France for a better place of liberty, equality, and fraternity. However, none of the early revolutionaries imagine that it would turnout to be this big, big enough to be a world’s order’s turning point.…show more content…
In the big picture, France started out bankrupted because of the disrupted estate system of the government, and many unfair laws that the commoners, 96 percent of the popularity needed to endure. The poorest third estate have to pay all the taxes while the wealthy upper classes enjoy the pleasure of money flowing into their pockets. By 1815, the terrible system of three estates no longer exists, and every men are equal before law. Nationalism also rose tremendously due to the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The event that every historian who is against the French Revolution will talk big on the Reign of Terror. Yes, it was the darkest period of the Revolution and tens of thousands people from different social classes suffered under the guillotines’ sharp blades.
People were even corrupted to think that guillotines are symbols of equality, which is an unbelievable concept
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