Was The Industrial Revolution Helpful Or Harmful?

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The Industrial Revolution was the revolution of revolutions. It boosted the employment rate and was the beginning of the future. Everyday new technologies were being invented and distributed all over England and America, but workers were being abused of their employment. And people began to wonder; was the Industrial Revolution as good as it was shown? With the costs Western Countries made for The Industrial Revolution it proved more harmful than helpful. The Industrial Revolution did not make life easier or affordable and people think it to be.
In the beginning goods and other products were produced in homes and was called the domestic system. There were no stores or malls and everything was either handmade or hunted. But it all changed in mid 18th century when The Industrial Revolution began. Large factories were built and buildings were made that were filled with machine made goods. This was the start for big businesses and was an easy way for the rich to get richer. New technologies were made and it benefited everyone or so did it? Small hands were needed for the operation of machines and so companies hired kids to do their dirty work. Kids ranging from ages 6-18 were put to work in dark and dangerous factories with little to
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This improved the quality of products and therefore life. The price of items were decreasing and many people were enjoying this time. Seeing it as the start of a new and advanced world with may luxuries. Although this luxury was in grasp of some, but for most it was miles away. Since the start of the revolution the working class was taking the most hits. Many families could not afford the very products they were making. The abused pay meant little money to indulge themselves in. Children were forced to work at young ages and in the end only made the rich richer. Women and children were paid less and many kids empathized with the black slaves in
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