Was The Second War For Independence?

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Events leading to War:
To so many people the War of 1812 is considered the “second war for independence . The war takes place between the years of 1803 and ends in 1812. Americas involvement in the war began by British sailors tormenting and enlisting American sailors to sail and fight for the British. “Most of Americas seven million people lived in coastal states, and for more than a century, seafaring had been both livelihood and lifeline in North America. This way of life was threatened when the British, exercising their advantage, established a blockade along the eastern seaboard, strangling American shipping and commerce.” Britain was already at war with the Napoleon lead French forces, America was profiting greatly by trading with each power, it was when the French and British began braking the maritime laws on the open ocean that citizens of the United States entered the war.
Detroit in the 17th and 18th century: Ships had been built by both American and British forces after the American Revolution ended, “But it was not until the War of 1812 did both sides realized just how important sailing ships could be.” The Great Lakes would become a focal point of the war; they will provide both sides a way to transport trade goods as well as men. The lakes most vital aspect was providing access to the western frontier. Along the waterways to the west were forts, as well as islands within the lakes, these locations would become some of the wars most important battles
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