Was The Treaty Of Versailles Justified Essay

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The treaty of Versailles, also known as the Versailles treaty, was a peace treaty signed by Germany at the end of the first world war. The document was issued by the allies (Britain, France, US, Italy and Japan) and regarded the Germans, who due to their growingly weak economy, had no other alternative then to sign, since the allies would continue the war, with almost-bankrupt Germany, if Germany neglected to sign the debatably justified treaty. As the German empire was in no position or financial state, to continue a war or receive pressure, they signed the peace treaty five years after the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand- 28.06.1919. The treaty of Versailles came with certain conditions, that the Germans reluctantly accepted. But wether the treaty was as unjustified as the germans claimed, that is debatable.

The start of the war was a ‘chain reaction’ as some may say; Germany was upsetting the balance of power, causing a sense of threat toward Britain. Austria-Hungarian Archduke
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One of these was to form the League of Nations, which was an organisation that prevented secret diplomacy, potential wars, international wars or other types of disruptions. Most nations joined- they were all allowed or encouraged. But Germany was banned. Since Germany made bad decisions when it came to world war one (the failed Schlieffen-plan or war declarations) it was probably more beneficial to have Germany, whose decision-making proved to have chaotic and tragic outcomes, left out of the league of nations, which was designed to solve such problems. Britain and France however weren’t trying to solve conflicts in world war one either, and at times made unwise decisions as well, especially by declaring wars or joining arms races. Yet they were allowed to join and Germany wasn’t which from that point of view seemed unjust. But yet again this is
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