Was The U.s. Led War Of Iraq Justified?

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Was the U.S. led war in Iraq justified?
Former State Department Advisor Robert Ebel stated “We didn 't go into Iraq to get access to the sand. We got into Iraq to get access to oil. Period. ”Conspiracy theories never fail to exist yet those surrounding this dreadful day in American history surpass any other. September 11, 2001, is a date no one old enough will ever forget considering there were roughly three thousand innocent people killed. There are those who say, though nothing is proven, that George W. Bush was involved in the complot in order to have a reason to go into the Middle-East. Regardless the true motives for the United States invading Iraq the war was, by far, one of the most impactful occurrences in American history. Despite
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The attacks carried out on September 11, 2001 were handled directly by Al-Qaeda. Being a terrorist group, Al-Qaeda does not directly associate with any particular country therefore Bush had no right to attack a country as a whole based solely off the actions of a particular group. “For the president, it was not necessary that there were manifest signs of that threat. After 9/11, such signs could no longer be expected” (DeCosse). This suggests that the reason Bush decided to go to war was solely based on one incident that happened, even though there were no threats being made. Although terrorist attacks such as 9/11 did occur, nothing like that would happen again, and be a very slim chance of any threat reaching the United States. There was no real motive other other than using an incident that happened in the past. It was beneficial to the Bush administration to portray the entire country of Iraq as a country of terrorists, when in reality is was only a small group that committed the crime. “International terrorism, the events of September 11, and Saddam Hussein, if not addressed, would weaken the international power of the United States” (Ortu). This emphasizes the fact that Bush used the event of 9/11 as a reason to go to war. He felt as if it were not addressed, terrorism would continue even though there was no reason at that point in time to go to would continue to attack the United States. Only stating the events of 9/11,
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