Essay about Was Truman Responsible for the Cold War?

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“Was Truman Responsible for the Cold War”, well, according to author Arnold A. Offner, his simplistic answer is an obvious “yes.” “Taking Sides” is a controversial aspect of the author’s interpretation for justifying his position and perception of “Truman’s” actions. This political approach is situated around the “Cold War” era in which the author scrutinizes, delineates, and ridicules his opponents by claiming “I have an ace in the hole and one showing” (SoRelle 313). Both authors provide the readers with intuitive perceptions for their argumentative approaches in justifying whether or not “Truman” contributed to the onset of the “Cold War.” Thus far, it would be hard-pressed to blame one single individual, President or not, for the …show more content…
It is evident that two countries were primed for conflict, however, which side ignited the first initial blow, resulting and inflicting the ideology of War”.
Arnold A Offner
Author Arnold A. Offner argues that President Harry S. Truman was unwavering in his nationalist approach whose limited vision of foreign affairs included absent negotiations with the Russians over cold war issues. Furthermore, Mr. Offner describes former President Truman as a “parochial nationalist” which leads the reader to believe that Truman was a discriminative uncooperative policy negotiator. In the continued effort to effectively convince his supporters, Author Arnold A. Offner reverts to Truman’s characteristics, proposal prejudice, and undermining arrogance as he saturates this chapter with Truman’s neglectful act of “cooperation” and “misleading Presidential guidance.” To future ensure credibility of his position and substantiating his claim, Mr. Offner discredits his critics by pointing out internal acts of ignorance to his own cabinets members suggestions, thus, proving a view of uncooperative manners. Although Mr. Offner makes a substantiating claim, many would find it difficult that a single person, during that era, could provoke two nations into “War.”
Offner argues that Truman's unsophisticated and confrontational approach to forging policy creation made the Cold War longer, meaner, and more expensive than necessary (Offner).

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