Was Vincent Van Gogh And His Art Work?

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Modernism was the movement that took place in Europe during the turn of the twentieth century, where the effects of industrialization, mass politics and other developments in society caused a change in the way people thought. One of the best ways to look at the changes in society is through the society 's culture because people’s work, whether they were scientists, psychologists, philosophers, or artists, show these themes and changes. Some of the major changes seen through these works during modernization include a movement away from Enlightenment ideas, a development of self-expression, a focus on irrationality, and a growing importance of technology and scientific ideas, and a great example to look towards for these changes are Vincent van Gogh and his art work. The Enlightenment was a major change in the way people thought and expressed themselves through art. With styles like Rococo and Neoclassical the art aspect of culture was very centered on salons, and life of the upper classes. The paintings all showed posed important figures, or leisure activities of that class. Now at the turn of the century with Modernism art was painted by people from a variety of classes, and depicted places people of the middle class would go, and their leisure activities. Vincent van Gogh was born in 1853 and painted during the Post-Impressionist movement. The family he came from wasn’t poor, and van Gogh didn’t have to grow up constantly working hard manual labor, but he also wasn’t
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