Was War Against The Confederate States of America Justified?

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The Civil War was a trying time in American History; societies crumbled, lives were lost, and a nation was torn apart in order to be made whole. However, was this conflict inevitable? Were the North and the South destined to battle out their differences? Were the decisions made by President Abraham Lincoln to make war on the CSA justified? While there is much deliberation on this topic, the final answer is yes to each and every question. The North and the South, though they shared many similarities, were irreparably divided over the slavery issue, such that conflict could not be avoided. Lincoln’s deliberations on the situations of the day were the only acceptable response to the issues at hand. Disagreement caused by the slavery issue…show more content…
This decision was not only just, but necessary for the Union to continue in the way the Founders had intended. Lincoln’s main reason for allowing the Civil War to occur was his belief that the South had overstepped the bounds of law in order to maintain slavery. In the campaign for the Illinois Senate seat, Lincoln managed to maneuver Stephen A. Douglas, his key opponent, into an extremely vital and incriminating statement of the South’s intentions. “It matters not what the Supreme Court may…decide as to the abstract question of whether slavery may or may not go into a Territory…. The people have the lawful means to introduce it or exclude it as they please.”[7] This set off a red flag in politicians’ minds: did the South really believe it could override the laws of the United States? Evidently they did believe so, as in 1861 the South seceded from the nation, formed a confederation, elected leaders, and coined money; all of which were completely unconstitutional acts. Lincoln’s reverence for the law as the basis of the nation’s principles demanded that war be enacted to combat the South, who had blatantly defied those principles. In order for the Union to continue, its constituents had to follow its statutes or it would crumble.
Both the division of the North and South and a President who protected the laws of the nation set the stage for a poignant question: Was the war with the South inevitable? The answer is, undoubtedly,

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