Was World War II: Necessary Or Justified?

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World War II had lasted for more than six years. Our allied countries were suffering and taking huge casualties in both the Eastern and Western front. Although Germany and Italy have already surrendered, the attack on Normandy, known as D-Day, took thousands of our American lives. It proved that the war must come to a halt. Continuing to attack Japan would only create more casualties for the U.S. and our allies. Therefore, despite the thousands of people who were killed when the atomic bombs were dropped, it was vital, necessary, and perhaps the most efficient way to force Japan to surrender. During the battles of Okinawa, Guadalcanal, and Coral sea, the U.S. took major hits from the Japanese. The Japanese code was to fight on and never surrender to the extent of all costs. They would rather suicide than surrender to their enemies. Just in 81 days, at the battle of Okinawa, the U.S. lost over 12,500 American lives. It also proved to be the bloodiest battle in the entire war. In…show more content…
Look at China for example. After Japan invaded Manchuria, Nanking, and Shanghai, Japanese troops would rape thousands of women and children. Worst of all, they would test chemical weapons on the innocent Chinese civilians. Just in a week, over 300,000 Chinese civilians were killed in one city. This event was known as the Nanking Massacre. Similarly, the U.S. was totally affected and aware of the cruelties that were happening in China, as they too experienced the previous bombing at Pearl Harbor. It was during a time of war, and countries did not want to lose any more troops and suffer any more casualties. To compensate for what had happened at Pearl Harbor and the killings in China as well as throughout the whole Pacific, the dropping of the atomic bombs was ultimately the only and best solution. Looking back, the overall casualties that the allies took was way greater than the impact in which the two bombs had
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