Was World War One Inevitable? Essay

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Was World war one the inevitable outcome of how European politics and society had developed in the decades before its outbreak? The first world war was not the result of one assassination, but rather it was a mixture of long term causes and more immediate strategic decisions. In the nineteenth century in Europe, the long term factors to world war one had been building, Imperialism and Industrialisation were radically changing the balance of power internationally and political stability domestically. The rise of radical nationalism created influential groups such as the Black Hand and the Pan-Germans and the decline of the Habsburg, Hohenzollern, Romanov and Ottoman empires left power vacuums and created challenges to the traditional order. Germany created an arms race, by expanding its navy which forced itself into a direct challenge to the British. Alliances tied countries together, but also created deep rifts and the secretive diplomatic dealings and incidents like the Moroccan crisis, the Balkans war and the July crisis heightened tensions. All of these factors interwove together, precipitating the inevitable action from Germany, to declare war. Throughout Europe empires were in decline, socialism was spreading, as were principles of self-determination, by-products of the slow introduction of democratic ideals of free speech and press, and increased suffrage. Britain, Russia, Germany, and Austria-Hungary exemplified these changes, and their internal domestic conflicts

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