Was World War Two Inevitable

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Was World War Two inevitable?
The origins of the Second World War have been a contentious issue ever since the conflict ended in 1945. It is a topic which continues to provoke furious debate more than sixty years later. It was unquestionably Hitler’s war and was directly brought about by his actions in the 1930’s. However opinion is divided as to whether his actions were meticulously planned or was he simply an opportunist who pragmatically took each step as they arose naturally. Marshal Foch described the Treaty of Versailles “as a 20-year armistice, rather than an enduring peace” (www.timeshighereducation.co.uk). I will examine the events between the wars to determine if these events were preordained or if the horrors
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Another factor is that Hitler never definitively won any election by an overall majority and was in fact handed the reins of power by short sighted politicians, such as Von Papen, who erroneously believed him to be a man they could manipulate and control. Hindsight shows us that nothing could be further from the truth. Once in power he set about removing the terms of the Versailles Treaty, including full rearmament, restoration of all territories and union with Austria. The German people were happy with this and as other nations such as Britain believed that Germany was only taking back what was previously theirs before Versailles this led to no action being taken by the League of Nations. This failure to take Hitler on would be repeated several times in the years to come. Hitler wanted to create Lebensraum in the east to unite all German peoples under one Reich. He set his sights on taking land from Russia and its people, whom he equated with the Jews, would be slaves to the ‘Master Race’.
The Allies were at odds as to how to deal with Germany after the Great War. France wanted to cripple them so as to never again be in danger of attack, while Britain wanted them to rebuild so they could trade with them in the future. American President Woodrow Wilson’s fourteen points were used to create the Versailles settlement and as part of the Treaty the League of Nations was formed to ensure there was no further conflict in Europe.
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