Was the 5th Century Bce a "Golden Age" for Athens?

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The 5th century BCE was a period of great development in Ancient Greece, and specifically in Athens. The development of so many cultural achievements within Athens and the Athenian Empire has led scholars to deem this period a "Golden Age." It is true that his period had many achievements, but in the light of the Athenians treatment of women, metics (non-Athenians living in Athens), and slaves it is given to question whether or not the period can truly be called "Golden." The 5th century and the Athenian Empire gave birth to an amazing amount of accomplishments. One such accomplishment was the minting of standard Athenian coins that were used throughout the Athenian holdings as valid for trade. The use of standard…show more content…
Many Athenians viewed slavery as necessary to society in order to give a citizen more time to participate in government affairs and other matters that were viewed as m ore important than a slave's work. Although some lower-class Athenians may have been forced to share labor with slaves, most Athenians did not participate in slave's work. Male slaves did harder labor such as construction and agriculture. Female slaves ran their mistress' errands and generally took care of domestic affairs under the watchful eye of their mistress. Slaves also acted as State scribes. In short, slaves did much of the work that allowed Athens to prosper in a period of "enlightenment." In light of the unrecognized people who helped to build the foundations for the Athenian Empire, this "Golden Age" seem far less golden. However, many major accomplishments grew out of this period as well. Before one can or cannot place a "Golden Age" label on 5th century Athens, one must
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