Was the Milgram Experiment Ethical or Valid?

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Was the Milgram Experiment Ethical or Valid? In 1961, Stanley Milgram, a psychologist at Yale University, conducted an experiment on a group’s obedience to authority. This experiment has encountered intense scrutiny ever since its findings were first published in 1963; many people question the ethics and validity of the experiment. Multitudes of researchers have taken it upon themselves to determine the answers to the questions (McLeod). Based on new guidelines for ethics, Stanley Milgram’s experiment on the obedience to authority was neither ethical nor valid. Controversy in the ethics of the experiment comes from the deception used and psychological harm experienced by some of the participants. Milgram believed that for the…show more content…
Because internal validity is maintained, some believe Milgram’s experiment is valid. The ability of the test to be replicated accomplishes some internal validity. The setting and the factors tested could easily be tested again by another researcher (Samson, page 8). The questionnaire used by Milgram can also be used to support the experiment’s validity. Considering
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