Was the Security Prepared for the London 2012 Olympics?

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The 2012 London Olympics were held at the Olympic Park in East London from Friday, July 27, 2012 to Sunday, August 12, 2012. The Olympics have been held in London two times before the 2012 Olympics, once in 1908 and once in 1948 (Scott). Over 10,500 athletes participated from over 204 countries, over 120,000 people were going to the Olympic Park every day to watch the Olympics. Over 302 medal events were being held, with three swimmers being the top medalists in the 2012 London Olympics (“Olympics”). There were a lot of people at the London Olympics, but the questions is, was the security prepared for the amount of people showing up to the 2012 London Olympics. The Olympics were not prepared with what was expected from the security; 10,000…show more content…
During the Olympics, the USA feels that they need to contribute to the security in order for American athletes to be safe. An article written by Hopkins and Norton-Taylor in the Guardian Newspaper mentions the plan for US Security “The US has raised repeated concerns about security at the London Olympics and is preparing to send up to 1,000 of its agents, including 500 from the FBI, to provide protection for America's contestants and diplomats.” People were worried about the security for the 2012 London Olympics.
When there is a huge event where over 8.8 million tickets are sold, security is a big deal; the safety of all the people at the event matters, terrorism needs to be avoided. There were a couple terrorism threats just weeks before the 2012 London Olympics that shocked many, it was mentioned in article, “The threat of a terrorist attack has been in the news in recent days after seven people were arrested in operations for terrorist activity, though none were related to the Olympics” (Riccobono). A couple weeks before the Olympics, there was another case, where three men were arrested due to terrorism threats at a house just a mile away from the Olympic Park where the big games were being held (Watson). 5 days before the article by Traci Watson on USAtoday she mentioned that a man in a neighborhood bordering the Olympic park was arrested due to terrorism threats, he had attended a terrorist training camp with links to al-Qaeda. In the Guardian newspaper
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