Was the Treaty of Versailles the Major Cause of World War Two?

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World War Two was the most devastating conflict in the history of humanity. It crippled many nations and caused millions of people to die. One of the major causes of this disastrous war was the Treaty of Versailles which ended the First World War. This treaty was destructive towards the Germans. Germany had to pay large amounts of reparations to the Allied nations at the end of World War One resulting in a Great Depression in Germany. Additionally, the Treaty of Versailles’ war guilt clause forced Germans to admit full responsibility for starting the war. Furthermore, to gain the support of the German populace, Adolf Hitler adopted an effective propaganda campaign. Adolf Hitler employed a successful propaganda campaign to gain the support…show more content…
This ultimatum placed an incredible financial issue on a government that had itself suffered enormous destruction in the conflict, (War Guilt Clause, 2011). However, Allied nations had an appropriate reason to blame Germany as the sole reason of World War One because they caused the most devastation throughout the war and had the desire to invade and conquer France and eventually the rest of Europe. Nonetheless, to place that considerable amount of blame on Germany was wrong and lead Germans to resent foreigners and ultimately World War Two, (The Treaty of Versailles, War Guilt Clause 2011). Germany was required to sign the war guilt clause to force the nation to accept full responsibility for the instigation of the war.

Adolf Hitler implemented a successful propaganda campaign to acquire the loyalty of the German people. Adolf Hitler appointed Dr. Joseph Goebbels as the minister of propaganda and enlightenment. Dr. Goebbels had two main tasks to accomplish. Firstly, he had to guarantee that the opinions of the Nazis were expressed in the greatest influential manner imaginable. Secondly, he had to assure Hitler that nobody could recite or perceive anything that was challenging or harmful to the Nazi Party, (Propaganda in Nazi Germany). Goebbels launched the Reich Chamber of Commerce in 1933 to guarantee that everyone thought in the Nazis point of view. This institute handled with literature,
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