Was the Ussr to Blame for the Cold War?

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Was the USSR to blame for the Cold War? By: Fabricio Rocha
The Cold War between the Communist East and the Capitalist West dominated international relations during most of the 20th century. It cannot be said that the USSR alone was to blame for the conflict, although it certainly had a fare share in the blame through its foreign policies and diplomatic interference; the capitalists (mainly USA) did little to promote peace and avoid conflict. Both parties are equally to blame for the Cold War.
The USSR had a difficult relationship with Britain, France and the USA since its foundation in 1917 the emergence of the large and powerful communist state was a cause for concern among the western powers, and their relationship was strained by
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In 1947, with the Truman doctrine and Marshall aid, the USA made no secret of its plan to contain the spread of communism by tempting Eastern European states with money and imported goods. The Berlin blockade and airlift sealed the deal definitively; eliminating any doubts anyone may have had that there was an extremely hostile was going on.
In conclusion, I believe that, while the USSR was aggressive and sneaky in its foreign policies, and clearly ignored the wishes of the west, going ahead and building a Soviet empire, the western powers, but mainly the USA are also to blame, for they did little to avoid further conflict, and indeed deliberately worsened relations with the USSR by constantly confronting and provoking the communists in a number of ways. I believe either party was in a position to end the conflict, but neither did.
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