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I fell in love with politics at the age of 10, the year was 2004, and I liked John Kerry because he shared my name. I also supported him because my father, at the time, was supporting George W. Bush and I was a rather antagonistic child. Over time I’ve certainly become more nuanced in the candidates I support, but that year began a lifetime journey into a field that is ever changing, ever competitive, and that impacts so many lives.
By the time I got to college, my decision to major in political science came as a surprise to absolutely no one in my life. But I knew that my major was more than just a field of study, it’s essentially a lifestyle. Studying political science requires so much more than reading textbooks and writing papers and doing quantitative analysis, at its very core it’s about how people live their lives. I knew that I would have to make concerted efforts outside of the classroom in order to truly understand the way things worked. My first effort at this was serving on the planning and zoning commission for the City of Coffeyville while attending Coffeyville Community College, which gave me a chance to understand local government at a level that most
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I was able to become a student senator and contribute to the Washburn Student Government Association. I was placed in an internship in the Kansas House Minority Leaders office for 8 months, helping with constituent service and developing a community mentorship program with legislators from both parties. I participated in four Washburn Transformational Experience programs which allowed me to study culture and economics in Japan and Korea, Politics in the United Kingdom, and follow presidential candidates in Iowa. I volunteered on a student voter registration drive led by the Kansas League of Women Voters. All while maintaining a 3.7 GPA in Washburn’s rigorous political science
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