Washing Detergents Industry Analysis

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WASHING DETERGENTS Summary of Module 1 INDUSTRY OVERVIEW Washing powders and detergents are considered to be an important part of personal and home care product lines. The local detergent industry in Pakistan has flourished significantly over time and is still on the path diversification and development. During the periods of 1980s till the end of 90s, detergent bars had the major market share, in most of the market segments. The detergent powders through their extensive marketing campaigns and efficient use of marketing mix have not only penetrated this consumer segment but have also shown significant growth value and have gained volume wise. This product now caters to a very large segment from rural to urban centers. The home care…show more content…
Surf Excel a product of Unilever, is currently the market leader. It has approximately 40% of the market share. It is superior in quality compared to competitors such as Bright and Ariel. Surf Excel is not just focusing on the middle income category; they have extensive socio-economic footprint between consumer goods competitors. Surf Excel is also looking at lower income bracket with diverse range of products. Its main target market is the urban population but in order to cater to the needs of the lower income groups the product is being launched in different quantities which is convenient and cost effective for these consumers. According to the Socio Economic Classification (SEC) the targeted social classes are between B to A-1. Ariel is the challenger in this scenario and the main competitor of Surf Excel. Ariel a product of Procter & Gamble is using a pricing strategy similar to Surf Excel’s. In order to expand their market foot print Ariel has also launched convenient sachet packets which are relatively less expensive to acquire and fulfill the requirements of the lower income groups. According to the Socio Economic Classification (SEC) the targeted social classes are between B to A-1 as well. Bright is a product of Colgate Palmolive and is a follower in the current market scenario. It is challenging Ariel and Surf Excel using a different strategy in the 1000 grams category. Bright is priced 30 rupees lower than Surf Excel and Ariel but the target

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