Washington Crossing The Delaware Compare And Contrast Essay

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Emmanuel Leutze’s painting Washington Crossing the Delaware shares some similarities with David Shulman’s poem “Washington Crossing the Delaware”; however, the dissimilarities are more abundant. These works of art and literature portray the scene of that remembered Christmas day when Washington and his army set out to conquer to Hessian people. Although they have similarities, there are some differences in these works that are nothing less than noticeable. Join me in observing the similarities and dissimilarities in these pieces.
There are parallels in Shulman’s poem and Leutze’s painting and I would like to point them out. First, how the water is represented in these two works are very much alike. In the painting, you can see that they are
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The main difference in these two works is the disorder and movement. The painting by Leutze expresses more of a chaotic scene while the Shulman’s poem creates a slightly more composed environment. Struggle is more evident in the painting. While the poem is serene and instills confidence and excitement for battle in the reader, the painting depicts struggling men fighting for a cause we are not quite certain of. Also, the feeling depicted in the painting is predominantly distraught while the poem makes me feel the scene is filled with precise determination. Washington commands: “so go alight, crew, and win!”(Shulman line 14). This is him telling them to go sneak, fight, and win the battle. This makes evident some of the varying differences of these two works. You can see how in the painting Washington is not promoting ideas or confidence in his crew like he is the poem (Leutze Washington Crossing the Delaware). This is a leading reason in the difference of disorder. Also, the painting shows ice as a major obstacle, while in the poem no ice is mentioned. This shows how there is another element of conflict in the painting than in the written work which can add to the madness happening. The poem depicts the brave, fearless leader watching the army he is leading and rather triumphantly commanding them to go into battle and win (Shulman’s “Washington Crossing the Delaware”). When the poem

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