Washington Dc Essay

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In Washington, DC I had the opportunity to be a part of "Fiesta DC". It's referred to fiesta because it takes place in the North West part of DC, also known as the most diverse part of DC. It's where all cultures and religions collide, also where most of the Hispanic and Latino people reside at. The festival is a full day event where the entire town of Mt Pleasant is closed and just reserved for the festival. The entire Washington, DC comes out to this festival to enjoy of different Latin American cultures. There are many events that take place such as the Día de los Muertos dance, local Latino artists perform, raffles and mini soccer fields. There's a large Latino presence at this festival each year, but there's people from all sorts of race…show more content…
There were tons of food stands from about 12 different countries, ranging from countries in South and Central America. The main food stands that stood out the most were definitely El, Salvador, Mexico, and Brazilian food for their unique taste. I had the opportunity to try all types of delicious food that I've never seen in my life as well as watch the food be prepared. I did talk to the people that were cooking the different foods and learned a few traditional recipes that I could use when I learn how to cook. The connection that all these people had to the food was astounding because you could see how traditional everything was. Everyone was focused and dedicated to providing the best food they can, so that they can fully represent the countries food.
The overall experience I had was a great learning one, especially being a Latino from the area was a bonus. This experience relates to this class because it focused on Hispanic and Latino presence in the United States, more into the Washington, DC area. I also examined how the Latino and Hispanic people in the United States is increasing daily, with that being said hopefully they'll continue to grow in festivals. Festivals should be held in all parts of the United States where the Latino and Hispanic population are large, to not only unite the people but attract
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