Washington Dc History Trip

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Trip To Washington D.C

What if no one in the world ever learned about the past? How important is understanding history in our lives? I never had an answer to these questions until eleventh grade when I went on a school trip to Washington D.C with the purpose of visiting the National Museum of African American history and culture. The trip was selective and I was chosen to attend as I was not only a student who consistently got high grades on my assignments, but because I also had a great interest in going to Washington D.C in order to see the historic monuments. I felt thrilled to be one of the of the few students to have been chosen out of the many students in my grade as it meant that the work I had put into class was one of the very
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Before seeing the national museum of African American history and culture my group was able to see many of the other important sites while in Washington D.C. One of these sites was the World War II memorial that recognizes those who served, honors those who fought, and fell to restore freedom around the globe. This change the course of history. One of the most important things a person can do is to understand the importance of history by understanding what happened in the past and how those events still affect their daily lives. Later, the national museum of African American history and culture was also a very amazing and enriching experience. To learn the history of the United States of America was very important to me due to it being the history of our nation and is still very relevant today as it still influences the ideas, politics, and conflicts that rise today. The trip to Washington D.C taught me the importance of learning about the past on account of it always affecting our lives. I myself have needed to learn from my past in order to improve for the future. At the start of my high school career, I procrastinated a great deal as I would wait till the last moment to hand in an assignment which would mean it never got any feedback and was of low quality or simply
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