Washington, Dubois, And Douglas

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Isaias Salgado
Mr. Siso
February 11, 2016
Paragraph: Washington, DuBois, and Douglas
What was Washington urging African Americans to do? What was he urging white Americans to do? Washington 's plea for people to "cast down buckets where you are" How does this relate to his view of his new era? Booker T Washington was a social activist who advocated for increased rights of African Americans in the South. In Booker T Washington 's speech he was urging African Americans to have patience with White Americans and accept discrimination from the white men and to focus on working to make Black men better through hard work and education. We see this when he says, "Gentlemen of the Exposition, as we present to you our humble effort at an exhibition of our progress, you must not expect overmuch"(Washington 1635). Washington talks to "you" the African Americans and tells them to "not expect overmuch" this shows that Washington believes that the African Americans should submit to the whites and to be patient because it is not an easy process. This letter was read to a white audience and many criticize Booker T Washington for being a toady, but in reality that words were chosen very carefully and helped the growth of African American rights in the United States. In this time period white Americans owned many business and hired people to do the jobs that they did not want to do, foreigners. Booker T Washington urges the White Americans to hire African Americans and to help the African…
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